Visit a Casino in Scotland 

Whether you are a full-on gambler or just feeling lucky, on a holiday in Scotland you don’t want to miss out on the fancy casinos it has to offer. There are approximately 15 land-based casinos in Scotland, most of which are located in the big cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee. All of these cities are famous for iconic landmarks that attract tourists. Here we list some of the reasons why visiting a casino is so much fun and should be part of your trip to Scotland!

A Night Out at a Casino

Going to a casino is not all about the gambling (though some winnings are of course welcome). Casinos all over the world are known to be neat and classy. casinoGoing out for a dinner and a ‘roll’ in a casino is a perfect reason to suit-up and put on those sparkly cocktail dresses. Often casinos are either in the same complex, together with or situated close to fine dining restaurants and four to five star hotels. This makes a casino the perfect place to go for a drink and to meet new and interesting people.

Of course what is a night at a casino without trying one’s luck with a bit of gambling? Luckily, one’s playing budget doesn’t need to be big, nor does one need to be an experienced player to enter the casino and walkout with winnings. Modern casinos have options for all players, from experienced poker, blackjack and roulette players to novice players who just want to spin the slot machines. And don’t get us wrong – those slot machines are often the ones offering the biggest winnings and jackpots – making the play super exciting!

If you haven’t tried slots before, a good tip is to try playing slots online for free. Then you can pick up some feeling for how a slot machine actually work. You can just google for free spins slots or check out for free spins on online casinos.

Where To Go

Here are some Casino options for you to consider. All of the listed three are situated comfortably in big cities and offer top class surroundings and experience. Aberdeen based casino Soul Casino offers dining, entertaining and gambling in stylish and up market premises. casino1It’s one of the premium venue options Aberdeen has to offer, and definitely a good stop to add on your list, should you be visiting Aberdeen. Edinburgh visitors and residents might want to try the Grosvenor Maybury Casino, which is known for its excellent dining, friendly staff and open Casino area with tables catering to the best-winning classic games. Alea Casino in Glasgow makes the top visitor review lists thanks to its impressive premises offering an open-until-late gathering place for gamblers, diners and party people.

There are more than ten other casino options to consider. The best is to find casinos that are close to you via the Internet (Google comes in handy) and go see for yourself. Be prepared for a fun night out, spiced with great people, good tasting food, bouncy music to get you dancing… and of course money winnings, should luck be on your side!