Have Fun Being in Scotland

scot1Scotland is the home to some 5,3 million people, breath-taking sceneries, castles, remote beaches, and of course the renowned Scotch Whisky.

Scotland is part of the Great Britain and situated north of England. If Scotland is not yet on your travel list, you might want to add it there. This place has so much to offer and it is no surprise that it is featured on several famous travel blogs and television programs.

Home of the Loch Ness Monster and over Thousand Castles

The legend of the Loch Ness Monster is told around the world. There is a certain mystery and unique beauty of the Loch Ness Lake, with the ruins of the old Urquhart Castle standing on its shore.scot2Travel bloggers Kevin and Amanda featured this magical lake on their blog and shared gorgeous photos along the way as they drove through Scotland. Any traveller or local Scot can agree that this is the best way to explore the beauty of Scotland. Do not be bound to one spot, but look around and explore the green countryside, take a hike, search for a remote castle or beach, and enjoy this one-of-a-kind setting!

Crazy Fun Adventures

If you are not much of a hiker or an outdoor person or a whisky drinker (although the whisky tours are kind of a must-do in Scotland), take a look at blogger Dave & Debs list of Crazy Scottish adventures.scot4  They have lived in the capital of Scotland, Edinburg and their ideas and recommendations are definitely different from the typical tourist book list. These adventures include spending a night at a haunted Bed and Breakfast, visiting one of the Scotland’s oldest pubs, and exploring the island of Staffa. These tips are all fun guaranteed!

Visit Scotland with an open mind and be ready to enjoy all the new experiences. The appreciation of the surrounding nature and history can be seen in Scotland, especially when adventuring away from the major cities. The Scottish are very proud of their country and culture. Keep that in mind, feel free to ask, and learn. You will also find that the Scots are very friendly, welcoming, and fun loving people. And hey, go along with it! Have a pint at a local countryside pub and listen to the stories from locals – that is if you can make sense of them through the rough Scottish accent!