The very mention of hiking arouses mental images of beautiful trails, lush greenery, stunning landscapes, and oxygen fresh air. Our busy and overcrowded cities may not afford us these luxuries, but one place where you will find exactly what we are talking about is Scotland.

A Hiking Paradise Awaits You

When you visit a new country, it usually entails travelling around in some form of transport and dropping by the popular sights. hiking1This is not the case in Scotland. This is one place where, if you love walking, all you need is a good pair of boots to explore the entire country. There are scenic trails that run along verdant hills covered in mist and scented with pure air. Here you rub shoulders with the rugged mountains that tower into the skies, exerting their impressive presence upon you. As you walk these trails, you will also come across some of the myths and legends that have warmed Scottish hearts for centuries.

Scenic Diversity

Take a walk, and we can guarantee that the scenery will not bore you. That is one of the many distinct features of hiking in Scotland. The geographical diversity allows hikers to experience different kinds of landscapes. hiking2We have already mentioned the hills. You will also find dense woodland where the light filters in soft beams warming both you and the ground. In addition, you will encounter not just tranquil nature but also the Scottish wildlife, which roams around the trails, offering trekkers a fantastic opportunity to sight those species they, may have never seen before.

Safety First

The hiking trails in Scotland are well maintained to ensure the safety of the hikers.hiking3 You will find clean paths to walk on, easy access to transportation that will take you anywhere, refreshment spots, accessible and adequate accommodation in the nearby villages, plus a host of facilities that include medical care. The intention here is to provide a complete trail experience with the minimum opportunity for accidents or injury.

All these factors contribute to a great hiking experience in Scotland – a place where you can walk among the clouds and experience nature in its raw beauty.