Sports in Scotland

It is no secret that the proud Scots love sports. Practically every sport is played in Scotland and the nation proudly stands behind all sports men and women, whether they play in a local league or at the Olympic Games. Some sports, of course, are more popular than others are and it seems that the Scottish (as well as the rest of the Great Britain) have a thing for ball games. fgfgfThese include sports such as football, rugby, golf, cricket, netball, hockey, tennis, and many others. The first three mentioned, football, rugby, and golf are seen as the most popular and “national sports”. However, Scotland has also more to offer sports lovers. The nature and surroundings in Scotland make the country a perfect place to practice endurance sports such as long-distance running, cycling, and mountain biking, sports that are becoming more popular by the day.

Football in Scotland

Football is a popular sport throughout Scotland among youngsters and elderly players, boys and girls, men and women. Men’s football is played professionally at an internationally respected level in Scotland. The Women’s League is considered as amateur, even though the national team is doing well internationally. footballFootball is often embarked upon from when one is a junior and a Scottish child will start playing as soon as they can walk. Football is included in the school gymnastics programme and therefore promoted widely to youngsters countrywide, nurturing the young players’ passion for the sport. When not playing themselves, the Scottish in general loves watching football. A game night often starts with a pint at the pub and ends up with passionate support at the stadium. Ask any Scot to name their favourite football team and they will do so in a heartbeat!

Real Men and Women Play Rugby

Rugby is often considered to be the version of American football for real men and women – and that the Scottish are. This rough and demanding sport is played at all levels as a Saturday hobby to a fully professional sport. Currently, Scotland is 9th in the World rugby ranking, making it a serious rugby-playing country. Scotland is the home for many international rugby stars now playing in other big rugby-playing countries such as England, New Zealand, South Africa, or France. Rugby is a popular sport all over the country.

National Pride Golf

Modern golf is known to be born on the fields of Scotland and the game is without a doubt a big part of the Scottish national sporting consciousness and culture. Scotland has almost 600 golf courses, making it a widely famous world golfing country also referred as the home of golf. golfThroughout the long history of golf, Scotland has had many internationally famous golf players and to date, the professional Scottish golfers are extremely proud of their roots in the famous golfing country. Golf is sometimes seen as an elitist sport being available only for the rich. In Scotland on the other hand, there are low-priced courses suitable for beginners, making the sport accessible for everyone. After all the national pride should be everybody’s sport!