Scottish Whisky 

Scottish whiskies are world famous and produced all over Scotland, which is argued to be the homeland of all whiskies. Scottish whisky is often referred to simply as Scotch (from Scotch Whisky), a name out of bounds for whiskies that are produced outside Scotland. whiskey1  Scottish people are very proud of their famous whisky, and all of the culture surrounding it, just as it is with the Scottish athletes. Whisky is by far the most famous export from Scotland, and has been for as long as people can remember.

What is Scotch Whisky, Exactly?

Scotch is a malt or grain whisky, or a blend of the two, made in Scotland. The manner and regulations for making Scotch is specified in the law.whiskey2The Scotch whisky has alcohol strength of 40-94.8 % by volume. Authentic Scotch must be aged in oak barrels for at least three years, and is often aged much longer. The age of the whisky must be stated on the label of the product, which makes Scotch a safe choice for any old whisky lover.

Scotch whiskies are often blended. Some of the most famous Scottish whisky blends include world-renowned brands such Johnnie Walker, Cutty Sark, Famous Grouse and Chivas Regal. The taste of the Scotch whisky varies among the different brands, and these taste differences can be roughly understood geographically, as the country is divided into different whisky producing areas. For example, some areas produce whiskies that are smokier in flavour.

The Scotch Experience

Drinking the legendary Scotch whisky is only part of the full cultural story around this drink. Luckily, visits to distilleries and whisky tours are offered all around Scotland, offering people a behind-the-scenes glance into the tradition around whisky making. whiskey3The whisky tours usually include a short summary as to the history of Scotch, method of making it, and then of course there is the tasting. The scents, aromas and flavours truly come to their full beauty once the Scotch is tasted and enjoyed. The tasting tour not only turns out to be true culinary experience, but is also a not-easily-forgotten one. The romantic and beautiful surroundings of Scotland, its fields, hills and castles and other historical sights, are unique in the world.