Scottish Music Festivals 

Scotland is a must visit attraction for culture, history, old architecture and scenery loving travellers. Lately, the beautiful green land has become famous for its wide offering of music festivals and concerts, presenting internationally well-known artists as well as local music treats. music1The Scottish festivals are entertaining and attract people from all around the UK, Europe and the whole world. Scotland offers a diverse music scene and many of the most famous festivals have managed to grow rapidly in its uniquely beautiful surroundings. The vibe is one of a kind – Scottish people really seem to appreciate good music and are not afraid to jam along with it!

Summer is without a doubt the season for music festivals, and this is the case in Scotland. Luckily, the festivals start in the early spring around May, and the festival season can go through summer, often extending into the autumn months of September and October. In addition to the bigger summer festivals there are plenty of smaller festivals happening around the country. music2Indoor concerts, of course, happen all year round! If you want to try something very Scottish, try one of the many folk music festivals. The scene is totally unique compared to any other concerts or festivals, and the atmosphere is often off the roof! This is the place to appreciate local traditional musicians and dance to traditional Scottish music. Popular folk music festival listings include names such as Shetland Folk Festival, Orkney Folk Festival, Stonehaven Folk Festival and Hebridean Celtic Festival. But there these are only a start – there are many more!

If you are not that into folk, don’t worry, Scotland have much more to offer. Here are just a few picks from the long list of music shows:

1. T In the park
T in the park is the biggest music festival in Scotland, usually held in early July. T in the park brings in huge names from the pop, rock, and electronic dance music world. It’s held at Strathallan
Castle in Pertshire and attracts partying audiences from all over. This is definitely one of the best music festivals in the UK, a definite must see for all music and party lovers!

2. Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival
All jazz and blues lovers should experience this Edinburgh based and citywide jazzy festival. Stars include the usual big names, but new and upcoming artists as well as local jazz and blues musicians are highlighted. The festival can be enjoyed every summer, around mid-July in Edinburgh.

3. Edinburgh International Festival
This Edinburgh based classical music and traditional performance music festival is one of the spectacles of the year for any classical music fan looking for authentic music experiences. Even though the Edinburgh International Festival might not have the same visitor counts as the top pop music festivals, in its own field of music festivals it is very well known and much appreciated around the world.

Experience Music All Around Scotland

Scotland offers music experiences from all genres. In addition to these pop, jazz/blues, classical music and folk music festivals, the Scottish summer is filled with music concerts including something for dance/trance, folk music, alternative, Britpop, rock, hard rock and hip hop lovers.music3 The major festivals and concerts naturally happen in big cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow or Aberdeen, but remember that there are festivals and concerts being held all over Scotland in some of the most unique places and surroundings, which, on their own would make the trip worthwhile!