Go Shopping

When you think of Scotland the first images that pop up into the mind are rugged mountains, mist-covered hills, dense woodlands, and verdant grasslands alongside bagpipes, kilts, and the Loch Ness monster.shop3However, another emerging tourist attraction is drawing the attention of the discerning traveller.

Shop Scotland

Shopping is always a favourite past time for travellers and tourists. Similar to London and Singapore, Scotland can now stake a claim to delivering a stellar experience to visitors who are looking to indulge in a bit of retail therapy. shop2One of the benefits here is that you will find a variety of experiences, right from high-end fashion to budget steals. Moreover, there is more than just clothes to shop for as visitors who are looking to take back a little bit of Scotland with them can now browse for an exquisite range of arts and crafts, in addition to souvenirs. Perhaps you can take back a bagpipe and display it in your living room, or a tasty treat that you can munch on later when you are settled home. Suffice it to say, you will not be disappointed with the available retail choices you will encounter.

The Style Mile

If you love designer wear, then all you need to do is head over to the Style Mile located in the very heart of Glasgow. Rarely do you find such a concentration of brands, designer wear, and high-end street fashion for both men and women. Men’s wear options kick off with the sleek and stylish cuts of Hugo Boss. Then you have the big boys of casual wear like GANT and Timberland. shop1Men can also look for some of the more exclusive designs from stores such as TM Lewin and Thomas Pink. Finally, you have the streetwear section that should attract all kinds of visitors. The Fat Buddha on Queen Street is ‘a must see’ even if you are not shopping for anything. The ladies can indulge in their favourite past time and part time obsession with high-end brands like Coast, Monsoon, and Hobbs. Once they have selected their favourite styles, they can then head to The White Company. This is a one-stop destination for everything women with loungewear, bath products, and other peppy accessories available to suit different tastes and styles. You could literally spend hours just browsing through the various products before you deciding on what to buy.

The Art Collection

If you are looking to add some unique pieces of art or crafts to your home décor, Scotland offers you numerous outlets, both big and small. You could step into a fancy art dealer in the city or just pop into a countryside farm and be surprised by the wares they have. The harbour side is also a good option to explore.

Farmer’s Choice

The final part of the shopping adventure is the farmer’s markets, which are very popular in Scotland. Think of fresh produce, locally grown, without any additives or harmful chemicals. These markets pop up once or twice a month all over Scotland.